ChartPath is the first and only 2015 CEHRT certified EHR built specifically for

Long-Term and Post-Acute Care!

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At Afoundria, we've found a better way to improve the post-acute care experience for providers and patients.

We are partners with our customers, we don't just sell software. Afoundria does everything possible leveraging health IT to help you grow your practice.


Stop Tracking Your Patients with a Spreadsheet

ChartPath goes where you go allowing you to serve your patients no matter where they are. ChartPath gives you access to every patient at every facility, for any of your providers, right at your fingertips.



Everything on Your Patient in One Simple View

Every note from every stay from every facility. Review past notes, magically pull information forward from any note, review information from fellow providers, or simply save a note to finish later.



No More Paper, No More Binders

Quit documenting on scrap paper and shoving loose notes into binders. ChartPath is intuitive and built for your post-acute care workflow. This is something no other EMR can give you.


ChartPath is Custom Built for the Post-Acute Workflow


Tools and Solutions

From ChartPath®, a clinical charting app, to EmSTAT, an emergency department information system, our technology creates a better health care experience.

Why Our Users Love Us

Our clients love ChartPath® because it unburdens them from cumbersome administrative work, putting them squarely back in charge of patient care.