Our users rave about how ChartPath saves them time and money every day. In fact, they call it the most user-friendly clinical charting tool on the market!

If there is anyone who has not started using the combined function of charting and billing, I can tell you it’s smooth, efficient, and gets faster the more you use it. I feel great when I realize I don’t have to do ‘another thing’ before calling my day done.
— Teresa Albright, MD, CMD - Elite Patient Care

ChartPath saves me time every day and allows me to see more patients. In my opinion, it is the most user-friendly platform on the market. The customer service and response time is second to none. The link with billing is seamless.
— Jason Martin, MD - Geriatric Post-Acute Specialists

This is a turning point in our development. I am proud of being at this stage and look forward to working with Afoundria to simplify our workload and maximize our time for what we do best: the practice of medicine.
— Paula Requeijo, MD, CMD - Elite Patient Care

We value our experienced management team, highly productive development staff and award-winning support group!