Our users rave about how ChartPath saves them time and money every day. In fact, they call it the most user-friendly clinical charting tool on the market!

If there is anyone who has not started using the combined function of charting and billing, I can tell you it’s smooth, efficient, and gets faster the more you use it. I feel great when I realize I don’t have to do ‘another thing’ before calling my day done.
— Teresa Albright, MD, CMD - Elite Patient Care

ChartPath saves me time every day and allows me to see more patients. In my opinion, it is the most user-friendly platform on the market. The customer service and response time is second to none. The link with billing is seamless.
— Jason Martin, MD - Geriatric Post-Acute Specialists

This is a turning point in our development. I am proud of being at this stage and look forward to working with Afoundria to simplify our workload and maximize our time for what we do best: the practice of medicine.
— Paula Requeijo, MD, CMD - Elite Patient Care

A 30-year legacy in health IT - The Afoundria Story

EmSTAT, aka Dr. Memory, circa 1986.
Dr. Owen’s original early drawing of his idea to bring computers into emergency departments.

Our story begins in September of 1986, when Charles (Buddy) Owen, M.D. first dreamt of computers in emergency departments to serve doctors, nurses and patients.

Today, Dr. Owen is Afoundria's Chief Medical Informatics Officer, and his sketch in 1986 evolved into EmSTAT, an emergency department information system that is still in use across the U.S.

After planning, building and implementing EmSTAT in emergency departments throughout the country, Dr. Owen sold the technology. Fast forward to 2012, when three long-term business associates (Jon McBride, Luke Gilliam and Charles Owen, M.D.) joined forces to start Afoundria after years of growing large, successful healthcare information technology businesses. 

In 2013, Afoundria bought back the license to run EmSTAT, returning the technology to its original home. Our co-founders' vision of creating solutions that lead the frontier of health information technology and improve healthcare still stands strong today with the development of ChartPath®, a best-in-breed clinical charting app, and the recent joining of the BlueHub Health team to help build out a patient-facing portal empowering patients to securely manage their health care record.

We value our experienced management team, highly productive development staff and award-winning support group!