Medicare is pushing everyone to value-based payments

Every year your financial risk increases

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Visibility into post-discharge data is critical to mitigate financial risk

The Wrong Way

Receive incomplete, inaccurate, and delayed data

Lose control over post-discharge financial risk

Suffer low margins, penalties due to underperformance, and poor ROI with enterprise contracts

The Right Way

Act on clean, complete, real-time encounter data

Eliminate the financial risk of unmanaged care

Generate better outcomes, improved margins, and high ROI with SaaS-based pricing

Afoundria can eliminate your risk by sending you critical post-discharge data straight from the source: the post-acute provider.  

Other companies try to collect their data from facility systems and from paper. It's incomplete

  • Point to Point connections are expensive and fragile
  • Data sources are disparate - data is formatted differently and requires heavy data translation and normalization
  • 60% of post-acute facilities ARE STILL ON PAPER!
  • Creating structured data from paper has a high error rate
  • Most post-acute providers don't chart in facility systems today meaning the data isn't even there to be captured

Instead of paying too much for bad data from hundreds of sources, hospitals can get complete and pure data straight from the source: post-acute providers using ChartPath

What makes Afoundria the right partner for you?


We have what no one else has, ChartPath

ChartPath gives providers the power to chart better and make more money. Providers love ChartPath because it makes encounter charting very simple, eliminates the manual process of billing, and allows them to focus on what they want to focus on: providing high quality care for your patients.

Because providers love ChartPath, we can easily capture the data you need to succeed with value-based and bundled payments. No other company can capture this data like we can. No other company can give you the insight that we can with data straight from the providers treating your patients.

With ChartPath, you are in control of how data is captured and how it is delivered to you

Simple Pricing

We believe in delivering value. Which is why we charge SaaS level pricing for enterprise solutions.


For each provider sending data to you through Afoundria, you only pay $500 per month.

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