How to hack your rounding and charting productivity

As healthcare providers and clinicians make daily rounds and administer patient care, they sometimes don't realize how they can "hack" their day-to-day rounding for maximum efficiency. Too often, we see providers working well into the evening to finish up their charting and billing - not anymore with our all-in one ChartPath® clinical charting and billing tool!

Since we work closely with post-acute care providers and actually spend time on the ground alongside them as they make rounds with ChartPath, we intimately understand what it takes to increase rounding productivity.

We've put together a tried-and-true method for getting the most out of your day of rounds with ChartPath®:


  1. Get your list of patients you're going to see first thing

  2. Search and find every patient and get a tab open for them (the new "My List" feature in ChartPath will help a LOT with this)

  3. As you open each tab, create the note type you're going to do and pull forward everything


  1. See your new or complicated patients first - if they are new, chart bedside due to the amount of information

  2. Come back after seeing your complicated patients and do all of your charting

  3. Save your follow-up visits for later, and as you see them take brief notes and come back and chart (you should probably be doing Interval History, Vitals, PE, AP section, and Billing)


  1. Use the "All Other Systems Reviewed and Negative" in ROS, acceptable for CMS billing - only enter in the systems you deemed appropriate to proper care

  2. Use the floating nav bar for quick navigation (just a reminder from training)

  3. Use "Convert To List" feature for large entries of problems/meds/text from other systems (another reminder from training)

  4. Go over billing, using aliases for quick searches, refreshing the AP Items and using those buttons to run searches (you can search words and/or codes in CPT list)

  5. Use Notes in Draft Mode report to find unfinished notes, and Notes Per Day to check productivity

  6. Use the "pull forward" feature from any note if you need information from another note