New from the World of Post-Acute & Long Term Care

I have for some time been contemplating how I might help Afoundria’s customers, customer prospects, employees and shareholders stay informed about the market that we serve, Long Term and Post-Acute Care. Our product, ChartPath, has been developed to meet the needs of clinicians working every day to deliver efficient and effective care to patients in that setting and the needs of our customers have pulled us further, with expanding capabilities into hospice and palliative care as well as assisted and independent living.

Part of my job, and one that I enjoy tremendously, is establishing a rich, constantly renewing source of news and information about health care and health information technology across the vast market described above. Over the last four years, I have established news and information feeds from over 120 blogs and newsletters. It had become overwhelming. I recently moved as many of these sources as possible to an RSS accumulator and organizer. I have established a workflow that allows me to scan many hundreds, even thousands of articles each week.

Now to my point. I am going to make available the fruits of these labors, a vetted and periodic collection of articles that I consider to be “high-impact” in terms of an understanding of important topics, trends, technology, and care delivery in PALTC. Please feel free to read, comment, and share anything you find, and share with me personally any thoughts you have on how I can make this more valuable to you.