Why "Afoundria"

SS Afoundria courtesy of shipspotting.com

SS Afoundria courtesy of shipspotting.com

We're asked quite often, why the name "Afoundria?" It means a lot to us and we wanted to share our story with everyone.

My grandfather was a sailor and shrimper in Alabama. He had a lot of amazing stories, one of which was that as a Merchant Marine he sailed around the world in the mid 1900s. He was amazed at crossing the International Date Line on his ship, the Afoundria, back when that was considered a giant accomplishment. In today's world it's tough to think people even notice as they relax on their jumbo jet or comfy cruise ship.

Besides being a vessel on which my grandfather served, the Afoundria had a very interesting history. During World War II it was temporarily renamed the USS Wayne; and afterwards back to Afoundria. The interesting - and perhaps strange - part is that the Afoundria didn't just sink, it sank twice. So why would we name a company after a ship, albeit with great family history, that sank twice? It's hard to sink twice! This is where family history crossed paths with the American healthcare industry.

When we started this company, the founders had dreams and goals of improving healthcare. As doctors, economists and technologists, we surveyed the landscape in healthcare and it needed a lot of improvements in technology. In fact, many people were calling the healthcare industry a train-wreck or a shipwreck. Pick your metaphor, but with shipwrecks you can either abandon them and let them rot away; or you can salvage them.

Our little group felt strongly that healthcare is worth salvaging - and it can be salvaged with like-minded individuals and companies working together. People are worth saving and helping. The nucleus of our belief is that patients and their providers should have technology that helps them and serves them, not the other way around.

So yes, against the advice of many we named our company after a ship that sank twice. But like the Nuestra Señora de Atocha (another great story), we believe that this ship can be salvaged. And with a lot of hard work and perseverance, the third time is also the charm. As I watch the waves from hurricane activity from my office as I write this today, I can say that we plan to stay afloat!

That's our story of the name Afoundria. Thanks for being a part of the story and working, advocating, sharing and doing whatever you can to improve healthcare.