Thanks for test driving ChartPath!

User Name: futureclient
Password: chartpath2016

Click the link above to access your test drive, enter the username and password listed below the link and ENJOY!  Once you have logged in, feel free to poke around and do anything. Most importantly, TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!

This is not a HIPAA compliant instance, so please avoid entering actual patient data.

Here's a little teaser video. All users have access to our full library of support and education!

Things you can do!

  • Create a New Patient
  • Create a New Note on an Existing Patient
  • Pull Forward from an Existing Note
  • Complete the SUPER Easy Billing Section
  • Add Patients to "My List"
  • Check Out Our Smart "Close All Tabs" Feature


If you have any questions or ideas, we're always reachable at


Happy Charting!
Rhe Afoundria Team

Please don't share these credentials as they are unique for you and might not work after your initial test drive. We wipe the server regularly, so any changes you make won't necessarily be reflected the next time you log in.